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In French Saint Barthélemy, St Barthelmy, commonly known as Saint Barth, is an overseas territorial collectivity that belongs to France, located in the Caribbean Sea at the north part of the Guadalupe archipelago. Collectivity is one of the four territories situated in the Windward Islands at the Caribbean northeast, conforming the French Antilles, with Guadalupe, Martinique and Saint Martin Collectivity. Enjoy our best luxury villa rentals St Barth.

In the history of Saint Barth we can find that was discovered by Cristobal Colon in 1493 and baptized in honor to his brother Bartolommeo. The Saint Barthélemy Island was colonized for the first time in 1648 by emigrants from the Saint Kitts Island. This first colonization didn’t have any success and in 1651 was sold to the Malta Order. This amazing island, discovered by Cristobal Colon, who gave the island his brother´s name, was called ¨Ounalao¨ by the Caribbean aboriginals. 

Over an arid rock, are found iguanas, taper cactus and dreamed beaches but also yachts, celebrities, luxury villas and fancy stores…

This Creole white island with an independent character transformed in a free port by the fortuities of history and nowadays is free from Guadalupe´s administrative guardianship; so with no doubts this island is the most singular of the French Antilles.

Luxury Villa Rentals St Barth

This glamorous and luxurious place, considered the island were excess is the norm, is visited mostly by celebrities, accommodated classical Americans, Yachtsmen, in theory, rich people, being the most expensive island in the world and having the biggest concentration of billionaires for square meter, being the secret refuge of the Hollywood stars and of Russian oligarchs

Saint Barth is a volcanic island totally surrounded by superficial reefs. Its capital is Gustavia, which also has the main port of the island.

Gustavia, capital of Saint Barth, is full of the charm of the antique city with Scandinavian accents, which mixes to the effervescence of the free port dedicated to the shopping with no taxation.

The most ancient settling that is left is the Lorient, which includes a popular Ligne Saint Barths cosmetic shop.

Saint Jean is the most urbanized and touristic district in the island. Saint Jean Bay groups to the airport and two big and white sands beaches that upholds the background. Enjoy our best luxury villa rentals in St Barth.

This island has the perfect weather to enjoy perfect holidays: white clouds over a relaxing blue sky with a tempered breeze of the trade winds that smooth the tropical sun and sways the palm trees. This is a great time to wear shorts, T-shirts and sandals. A day with no sunshine is weird here, even a cloudy day is not usual to see. The less sunny days are in May, September, October, November and December

Saint Barth ultra-luxurious tourism lays on three essential pillars: relax, privacy and exclusivity.

There are many gorgeous wonders and attractions that everyone that visits this island has to know, such as:

– An impressive natural pool

– Aquatic sports, without agglomerations or congestions

– Rent of boats, ships and yachts

– Wonderful views in every point of the island, amazing to do sightseeing

– Chefs with Michelin stars transform food in exotic and delightful delicacy

Saint Barth Island is the paradise of turquoise waters, white sands and sylvan hills, is the Valhalla were gods of fame and money refuge from society and noise. Enjoy the best luxury villa rentals St Barth.

Luxury Villa Rentals St Barth

This amazing island was made to be an exclusive Eden for billionaires. 

Harrison Ford, Stella McCartney, Mariah Carrey, Marc Jacobs, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Mick Jagger and many other multibillionaires that visited the island feel in love with her charms instantly.

Saint Barth doesn’t has a massive tourism; it has exclusive luxury villas and no more than 20 luxurious hotels. Luxury villas in this island are exotic, gorgeous and beautiful, being at the height of the place, for example the Camp David Villa. Some of the most famous hotels are Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa, Eden Rock Hotel and Villa Marie Hotel. Enjoy our best luxury villa for rent in St. Barth.

There is an amazing sea life in the deep-sea floors of the Saint Barth Island, another world full of colors and life, surrounded by nature in another shape, there can be found sea turtles or wet sharks, lobsters, coral reefs, many species of fishes and a lot more wonders that contribute an amazing diving paradise. Enjoy our best luxury villa for rent in St. Barth.

Luxury Accommodation in St. Barth

Some other high society members like to enjoy of the wonders of Saint Barth, for example Bernard Arnault, member of the Forbes List and owner of the Louis Vuitton; Leslie Wexner owner of Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch; Lawrence Powell Jobs, widow of Steve Jobs, etcetera.

The perfect paradise of turquoise waters, white sand and sylvan hills.

In Saint Barth there is no clue of massive tourism. The Island counts with no more than 20 luxury hotels and exclusive luxury villas. One of the most known establishments is the Eden Rock Hotel, located upon a promontory stony connected to the beach by a sand isthmus. Stay the night in such a remarkable place costs around 4.500 euros per night.  Its restaurant, Rock Bar, has the seal of the chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, local soul of the three Michelin Stars Jean-Georges of New York. Best Accommodation in Havana Cuba.

The yatch Eclipse, the second biggest yatch in the world, property of the steel Russian magnate Roman Abramovich is stuck in Saint Barth. Its price was never revealed but it’s calculated in around 50 million euros. Renting a yatch in this island can cost even one million euros a week. Enjoy our best luxury villa for rent in St. Barth.

Saint Barth: the most expensive island in the world.

Some destinies to enjoy in this island are: 

  • Saint-Jean Beach, Grand Cul-de-Sac Beach, ideal to practice kitesurf, Colombier Beach, great to practice snorkeling, Lorient, Shell Beach, Nikki Beach, Gouverneur  Beach, Manapany Hotel, Anse des Cayes beach to practice surf, Fourchue Island, great to practice snorkeling, Anse de Grande Saline, Petit Cul-de-Sac, Baie de Saint Jean, Guanahani Hotel, Corossol beach, La Plage, Ile Chevreau, Plage des Flamands, Morne du Vitet , Toc Vers Island, Gustavia Lighthouse, Les Gros Islets, Anse de Marigot, Pain de Sucre

The Caribbean is full of exclusive resorts; Saint Barths is one of the few exclusive islands. Those who can afford to stay here enjoy a low-key of European sophistication. There are many exclusive activities to realize and places to go with no agglomeration of people: topless beaches, waterfront bistros, fine French restaurants; there you can even find a famous rock star or movie magnate by your side though famous people rather to spend their time in one of the many Saint Barth luxury villas. Luxury Accommodation in St. Barth

Saint Barth is more a place to be, not see, but the tourist office offers a walker’s guide to Gustavia’s historic places, including Fort Gustav, the Wall House Museum, the fishing village of Corossol with its traditional Norman culture and the InterOceans Museum, home to a huge seashell collection. Enjoy our best luxury villas for rent in St. Barth.

Luxury Accommodation in St. Barth

Saint Barths also offers good diving. Fishing, boating and specially windsurfing.

Tourism in Saint Barth has been considered during a long time a playground for rich and famous people; it’s known for its beautiful beaches, gourmet restaurants and chic bars on the high gamma of stores design. There are around 400 private luxury villas in the island. Rugby is a popular sport in the island; one of its biggest teams is “Les Barracudas”, which name is derivate of a ferocious Caribbean fish. Enjoy our best luxury villa for rent in St. Barth.

The tropical location and the natural beauty that Saint Barth has, makes it the first modeling option for many photo sessions, especially for the bathing suit, like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that included the island on its 1991 edition. Enjoy our best luxury villa for rent in St. Barth.


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