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Jamaica is one of the thirteen countries that conform the Insular America, Antilles or the Caribbean Sea Islands, one of the thirty five of the American continent. Its capital and most populated city is Kingston. This island is known as the Caribbean playground in the west to breathtaking waterfalls in the east. Enjoy our luxury villa rentals in Jamaica and have a dream stay.

It was a Spanish possession known as “Santiago”, between 1494 and 1655 when it was invaded by English troops, becoming in English possession, and later was a British colony, known as Jamaica; reaching freedom on August 6th 1962. This Island, which counts with over 2.8 millions of people, is the third most populated English speaking country in America, after United States of America and Canada. It is also part of the Commonwealth of Nations, according to the system of constitutional monarchy. The official language is English though the most spoken language is the “Jamaican patois”, which is a creole language with an English base. Luxury Accommodation in Jamaica, the best option.

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Taino people referred to the Island as “Xaymaca”, that means “big place with water”; later Spanish people modified the name until eventually was “Jamaica”.

The weather in Jamaica is tropical and tends to be warm and humid, though in the mountain zones can be fresher. In spite to the situation of being an island located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, doesn’t suffers frequent hurricanes like the closest islands. This happen principally for its mountains, that turns them aside. Luxury Accommodation in Jamaica, the best option.

Besides of the principal island Jamaica includes many groups of minor islands, sand banks, cays and reefs with amazing places for every tourist to visit, were they can realize many activities to enjoy, relax, delight and know the culture of every place.

Pedro Bank, Pedro Cays,Port Royal Cays, Morant Cays, Sandals Cay, Bogue Islands, Navy Island, Pigeon Island.
Jamaica is an important touristic regional center. Jamaican culture is product of a mix of cultures that had place in Jamaica a long time ago. It was conformed specially by Taino Indians, Spanish colonizers, English evangelists, black Africans and Hindu and Chinese communities.

Jamaica stands out for its rich culture and its music, which have made the island worldwide famous.

The musical genres conceived in Jamaica are: mento, ska, reggae, rock steady, dub, dancehall, raga, raga jungle and drum and bass. The most popular music is the reggae with its different styles and mixes: dub, dancehall, ragamuffin (raga), early reggae or reggae roots; which the Jamaican Bob Marley made known on a high scale, who through his music profounded and made famous a culture that rebounded in the entire world. Luxury Accommodation in Jamaica, the best option.

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Jamaican food is influenced mainly by different cultures: African, British, Spanish and Asian, given respectively by the earliest establishment of the Taino Indians, that used mandioca, corn, guavas, fishes, roasted meat and crab; and by the Spain and Great Britain colonialism and the population that came from Africa, bring their cuisine costumes too. Some popular Jamaican plates are: tiron (chicken, pork or fish), ackee and saltfish, rice and peas, festival, bammy bread trees, roasted, curry, patties and more.

Known as the “birthplace of reggae”, Jamaica boasts a treasure trove of natural jewels and a colorful African vibe. Golden beaches, lush, wonderful turquoise waters, stunning waterfalls in the east, a lively evening and night life, powerful Blue Mountains, year-round warm weather, and over 170 attractions. Walk the Montego Bay beaches by day and dance in one of the city’s nightclubs to the latest reggae music. In Kingston discover the life and work of Bob Marley’s legendary bassist in his well-known museum, and lunch at the tracks and records of Usain Bolt. Enjoy our luxury villa rentals in Jamaica and have a dream stay.

This Caribbean island is a popular travel destination for everyone, from honeymooners, budget-conscious families and even enjoyable friends, being there numerous and all type of destinations and hotels within the country to choose from.

In the Caribbean Sea Jamaica is an island country. It is the third largest island of Grand Antilles and the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean, covering 10,990 square kilometer. Cuba lies about 145 kilometers south from the nearest island to Jamaica. Enjoy our luxury villa rentals in Jamaica and have a dream stay.

Jamaica is known as the Caribbean playground in the west to breathtaking waterfalls in the east.

Jamaica has a big number of attractions and cultural diversity, no place on earth feels like it.

Kingston, is the capital and most populated city of Jamaica; being a one-of a kind half exotic jungle, with prosperous business districts, overflowing with sunshine, prosperous business districts and a Jamaican and unique nightlife; with a lot to see and do, Kingston is an economic center in Jamaica. The central zone of Kingston is formed by two parts: the historical but conflictive center and New Kingston were there are most of the touristic attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum, built in his old residence. There is a big number of churches in the city. Other reggae stars such as Buju Banton and Beenie Man are also from Kingston. Some of this city attractions are the near beaches of Hellshire and Lime cay, the National Gallery of Jamaica, the Port Royal Ruins and the Devon House, with an adjacent park that belonged to the first millionaire Afro-American of Jamaica. Luxury Accommodation in Jamaica, the best option.

Tourism in Jamaica has traditionally focused on and idealized that Caribbean tourism can control its own destiny if it is willing to be innovative, indeed Jamaica’s manifest destiny to become “God’s Paradise for tourists”. Enjoy our luxury villa rentals in Jamaica and have a dream stay.

This island produces one of the rarest popular coffees in the world, named Blue Mountain Coffee, having a high demand, being also very expensive. The United States and China are the only two countries with more Olympic medals than Jamaica. There are about 2.75 churches per square mile. Jamaica’s Kingston harbor is the seventh largest natural harbor in the world. The first James Bond novel and other three novels and movies were completed and filmed in this Island. Jamaica is the nest of beautiful women and also has won Miss World three times.

There are “healing waters” that consists of several natural mineral baths and hot springs that are thought to have therapeutic effects; a very famous firewater mineral healing spring is in Saint Ann’s Bay.

The best time to visit Jamaica and enjoy the island’s beautiful and most pleasant weather is from November to mid-December. July is the hottest month in Montego Bay with an average temperature of 83 degrees; and the coldest is January at 76 degrees.

Jamaicans are festive people by nature and love to celebrate as much as the next person. There is the Bob Marley’s festival, celebrated in the name of the legendary Jamaican reggae singer; is commemorated for a week in early February (may be on his birthday on February 6th). The Jamaica Carnival, the Emancipation Day, the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival, The Independence day, The Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament, the Reggae Marathon and many others.

A land of unique experiences, engaging activities, breathtaking landscapes and a warm, welcoming people, presents a magnificent palette of color, a kaleidoscope of beauty that makes the island the most precious jewel in the Caribbean calling out the attention of a big number of tourists to go to Jamaica every year to discover beauty itself and fall in love of such an amazing environment, an island that captivates every visitor with delightful charms.

Enjoy our luxury villa rentals in Jamaica and have a dream stay.


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