Anguilla is a five star private luxury retreat located on the overseas British territory in the Caribbean, specifically in the North extreme of the Windward Islands at the Minor Antilles. Its capital is The Valley. This archipelago comprehends the Anguilla Island, some near islets and also owns maritime frontiers with the Saint Martin Island to the southeast. In the west side there are the Virgin British Islands. In the last years Anguilla became in one of the most popular tax haven at an international rank. Best Collection of Luxury Villa Rentals in Anguilla.

Before the arrival of the European this island was called Malliouhana, which means ¨sea snake in form of arch¨, later when was discovered by Cristobal Colon was called Anguilla, probably for its outstretched shape, besides of being relatively flat. Its highest peek is found in Crocus Hill, which reaches the 65 meters above the level of the sea. This island is considered for every tourist a heavenly place, with beautiful beaches and amazing colors, full of exotic, unique and luxurious places.

Best Collection of Luxury Villa Rentals in Anguilla

Anguilla is an excellent touristic destiny, with amazing and beautiful beaches, many options of delightful luxury villas, places to have exotic food and memorial souvenirs. In this island people are very kind. You will never be bored in Anguilla. There is every kind of activities to realize in this island if you’re looking for and adventurous trip or a quiet one to share with your family, friends and couple. You can hike through the many trails that cross the island, horseback ride by the shore, take a tour on a glass-bottom boat, fish for exotic species, swim, snorkel and dance to live music at the many lounges and bars on the island. Luxury Accommodation in Anguilla, your best option.

Usually accessed by ferry boats and cruise boats, Anguilla boasts some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the Caribbean. People come here for glass-bottom boat rides, scuba diving, snorkeling and for simply kicking back and relaxing.

In the Valley, its capital city, you will find art galleries, upscale restaurants and other fun things to see and do. From historic plantation houses to an abundance of limestone caves, Anguilla is bursting with surprises.

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The Valley, capital of Anguilla, one of the few Caribbean islands that maintain its charm in the face of rabid consumerism. It small limestone bumps in the sea is a mixture of old clapboard shacks, stunning new vacation properties, a diverse array of cultures and mind-blowing beaches. There is little to explore in The Valley, but the capital´s position in the center of the island makes it a great place to stay while pursuing adventures around Anguilla.

If you close your eyes and picture the perfect beach, you likely imagine a deserted stretch of white sand, clear blue waters and gentle trade winds rustling through palm trees. The reality of Shoal Bay East is not much different, with reefs under the glassy turquoise waters with and abundant variety of exotic marine species. Anguilla´s best beach is surprisingly quiet and miraculously blight-free. Luxury villas for rent in Anguilla.

There are many other fine beaches to choose in Anguilla, and also other favorites included: Little Bay, Barnes, Road and Rendezvous. From April to November you can often spot the green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles that nest on the beaches, especially at Limestone Bay, Maundays, Captains and Meads.

For the best diving on the island, head to Prickly Pear Cays, an underwater cavern whose rock formations play host to barracuda and nurse sharks. Several sunken shipwrecks wait to be explored nearby, and operators to the area leave daily from Sandy Ground.

There are only a handful of historic sights in Anguilla, including the island´s only surviving plantation house. Luxury villas for rent in Anguilla.

The beautifully restored Wallblake House was built in 1785 and it offers a glimpse into Anguilla´s colonial heritage.

Some other places of interest for tourists are these ones: Shoal Bay East, Rendezvous Bay, Meads Bay, Maundays Bay, Little bay, The Valley, Sandy Ground, Blowing Point, Hill Sul, Final Ende, North Hill, Wallblake House, Anguilla dive sites, Fountain Cavern National Park, Dolphin discovery Anguilla, Island Harbor, Heritage Collection Museum. Luxury villas for rent in Anguilla.

Alluring and unassuming, Anguilla is a Caribbean gem. Dazzling beaches are the island´s biggest draw, mixed with friendly locals and an authentic island vibe that package tourism has diluted on other Caribbean Islands. Luxury villa rentals in Anguilla are the best option for your lodging.

Serenity seekers come here looking for its luxurious wonders, swim in luminous water, play offshore Anguilla´s islands and snorkel or dice the fish-filled reefs and wrecks. Other popular things to do in Anguilla include having dinner in fine restaurants, browsing the art galleries and museums, hop aboard ferry or small plane and take a day trip to the nearby island of St Barth. If you´re interested in history, follow the island´s heritage trail in The Valley, Anguilla´s sleepy capital. Like magic, in summer quiet and peaceful Anguilla comes alive during the Anguilla Summer Festival, with boat races, dancing, beauty pageants and parades.

Luxury Accommodation in Anguilla, your best option.

Dolphin Discovery is another very popular activity, special for all those animals lovers, if you ever wanted to kiss a dolphin, this is your chance. Luxury villa rentals in Anguilla are the best option for your lodging.

Shoal Bay East is a broad and long sweep of radiant white sand that beach experts consider to be Anguilla´s premier strand and one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, the waters offer some of Anguilla´s most beautiful coral gardens inhabited by hundreds of tiny iridescent fish, and the sand is soft and sneaky clean. Despite its beauty, this beach remains blissfully peaceful and uncrowned. Luxury Accommodation in Anguilla, your best option.

Close to Shoal Bay, the Fountain Cavern is a natural and cultural wonder and Anguilla’s top archeological site; two freshwater pools and many Amerindian petroglymphs lie 15 meters underground in a cave. The most significant of these is a tall stalagmite carved in the shape of ¨Jocahu¨, the Supreme God of the Taino Indians. Luxury villa rentals in Anguilla are the best option for your lodging.

Luxury Accommodation in Anguilla, your best option:

There also dive sites, which it’s known for its intentionally sunken ships that become artificial reefs. Here divers will find seven marine parks surrounding the island. Anguilla´s offshore islands of Anguillita, Sandy, and Prickly Pear are popular day trips for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Sandy Ground Village is popular with local children, the white sand beaches lined with restaurants and a dive shop. Its fishhook-shaped bay is one of the most protected on the island and is Anguilla’s main port of entry for yachts. Most of the onshore activities of the popular three day Anguilla-Regatta in May tale place at Sandy Ground, with entertainment at the local restaurants and other venues. The ferry to Sandy Island departs from the pier and a large salt pond behind the village attracts egrets and other birds. Luxury villa rentals in Anguilla are the best option for your lodging. Luxury Accommodation in Anguilla, your best option.

Anguilla is a surprisingly delightful island to go on vacations with family and friends that offers to every visitor every kind of activities and places going from spending a day diving at the beach and near bays discovering exotic wonders to visiting museum and visiting famous places of the capital, that allow spending a great discovering time, having fun and relaxing, depending on what your intentions are. Full of luxury houses, tourist can go vacation and also accommodate and feel comfortable in the place they stay. Take home a timeless experience, incomparable memories and exotic treasures from Anguilla, a unique touristic destiny.

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